Dive #29

Location: St:Juliens, Malta
Time down: 16:11 | Time up: 16:38 | Divetime: 27 min | Max depth: 7.2 meter | Average depth: 5.9 meter
Water temp: 20° | Air used: 1500 litre | SAC: 23.0 litre/min | Total divetime: 15h 31min

Third dive of the day and time for my second mandatory dive in my AOW certification, The Navigation dive. swam out in shallow water, exercised fin kicks and counting/timing them. Than again on a rope, back and forth. Finally I swam a square, to end up at the starting point. 23 kicks first leg, turn 90 degrees, 23 kicks, turn 90 degrees, 23 kicks, turn 90 degrees, 12 kicks and ending up on the starting point. 12? Well, it is not that easy as it looks, but Patrick think I did alright, since I hit the starting point.  I know, third turn was not 90 degrees. But it was fun, and I will practice some more underwater navigation. It was really fun. However, since I concentrated on my navigation, my SAC rate was well, let me put it like this…high! But nevertheless I can now present myself as an Advanced Open Diver.