Dive #27

Location: Cirkewwa, P29, Malta
Time down: 10:51 | Time up: 11:16 | Divetime: 25 min | Max depth: 29.5 meter | Average depth: 19.8 meter
Water temp: 17° | Air used: 1920 litre | SAC: 25.4 litre/min | Total divetime: 14h 25min

After a good night sleep I returned to Divewise, full of anticipation. Today I was doing my deep speciality, which is one of two compulsory dives in AOW.  We did it on the P29, just off the pier in Cirkewwa. Dropped down about ten metres, then for a swim out in the blue water, with nothing more than your depth gauge and compass as guide. No natural reference points since the swim was just about centre of the water column. Again, a new experience for me (and a good one). Crucial to have good buoyancy. Vaguely you could see the aft of P29, and me and Patrick (instructor) landed slowly on the aft deck of the P29, at 28 metres. We (mostly I) compared my mares computer against his Suunto, to show, that I had it under control and also went through a couple of neoprene patch with different colours. My first impressions of my first deep dive (actually some 10 metres more than my previous “record”), was that it was much harder to breathe, move and the pressure was more imminent than on 18 metres (well, doh!). Did a quick tour of the P29, before my bottom time came to an end, well….ok, no point of hiding it. Before I hit 100 BAR which was the return signal. So if I hadn’t breathe like a extremely-overweighted-hamburger-resturant-visting maniac, I could have stayed down some more minutes.