Dive #26

Location: Cirkewwa, Malta
Time down: 20:58 | Time up: 21:49 | Divetime: 52 min | Max depth: 20.0 meter | Average depth: 8.6 meter
Water temp: 18° | Air used: 1560 litre | SAC: 16.2 litre/min | Total divetime: 14h 00min

Third dive of the day, and it had become dark. So a perfect time to do my night dive speciality, again nothing new, since I have done two night dives before. Nice dive, didn’t bring my camera, since it was a night dive. But we went down to the Madonna (statue, placed there by a local diving club) at around 18 metres. Also did some cave swim through, which was my first. Not a very challenging one, more like a 5 metre swim through. But never the less, one more experience. It was very late when I got back to the apartment, wife and kids was all a sleep. So, three dives and 2h 25 minutes below surface today. Thumbs up for Divewise! Great organisation and they do have control over who’s diving and with whom.