Dive #23

Location: Ransvik, Kullen, Sweden
Time down: 13:00 | Time up: 13:35 | Divetime: 35 min | Max depth: 11.7 meter | Average depth: 6.3 meter
Water temp: 10° | Air used: 882 litre | SAC: 15.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 11h 32min

Second dive for the day. After 1 hr 13 minutes of surfce interval, we went beneath the surface again. Started the dive with 93 BAR remaining, after informing my buddy about my airsupply and my intention to make the safety stop no less than 50 BAR. after that it was just a matter of surfacing if needed to. It was a very relaxing dive and I sat a new all time low SAC rate of 15.3 litres/min! Saw my first eel on this dive. Picture is a frame from a video sequence, hence the bad quality.