Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Drysuit

After having dived for a full week in Egypt, partially with my dry suit and then after the zipper started to leak, wetsuit, I decided to get a new suit. My old suit is worn down (or at least that is what I am telling my self to justify purchasing a new suit ;). So I am going for the new Waterproof D7 pro ISS. It is ready for the Antares oval ring system and it has silicone seals instead of latex. It has a nice set of features and it looks really cool (which is really important for divers ;)). Seals are replaceable on site with a QR mounting system. This goes for the neck seal as well.

It also has a separate hood, and since the oval ring system is so streamlined, I dont need to configure the suit for warm water diving. Yes, you might think i am a sissy diving in a dry suit in warm waters. But, as I discovered, the wet suit divers was actually freezing and shaking after each dive. And it is really comfortable to be dry after a dive, even in the Red Sea. So, hopefully my new suit will arrive here by next week, then I am all set for the cold waters of Sweden.