Monthly Archives: November 2012

Dive #108

Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden
Time down: 13:35 | Time up: 14:36 | Divetime: 61 min | Max depth: 12.5 meter | Average depth: 9.4 meter
Water temp: 9° | O² used: 90 litre | Dil used: 45 litre | Total RB divetime: 41h 18min

After 70 minute of surface interval, we went back into the water. Did I tell you that there is not much to see, and that this is not a very exiting divesite? Well, we just needed to make sure, so we did another hour. I concentrated on being relaxed and we stayed pretty much static at 12 meters during the dive. So, 1.5 lpm of oxygen used, and 45 litres of diluent used, on 60 minutes. Not bad.

Dive #107


Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden
Time down: 11:26 | Time up: 12:26 | Divetime: 60 min | Max depth: 14.7 meter | Average depth: 10.4 meter
Water temp: 9° | O² used: 105 litre | Dil used: 120 litre | Total RB divetime: 40h 17min

Time to do some buoyancy control dives. Went out with another Rebreather diver and did an hour beneath the surface. The unit worked without any problems, so I guess it is just a bit own minded when it comes to the temperature. Basically a boring dive, but a dive non the less. Not much to see below the surface, since it is Winter in Sweden.

Dive #106

Skår 2012-11-03

Location: Skår, Lysekil, Sweden
Time down: 13:43 | Time up: 14:17 | Divetime: 34 min | Max depth: 32.1 meter | Average depth: 18.7 meter
Water temp: 9° | O² used: 18 litre | Dil used: 135 litre | Total RB divetime: 39h 17min

Was driving up north, together with two other rebreather divers for two good dives at beatiful Skår, in Gullmarsfjorden. We geared up and got in the water, all good and we started our descent to 30 meters, which was max certification depth for my buddy on his Pelagian. 19 minutes into the dive, I got a C1 alarm. Tried to clear it with SCR for a minute, but didn’t go away. So, bailed out and headed for the surface. My head mounted GoPro 2 captured it and you can watch it here. So, not very pleased after driving 300km for the dive. But thats life.