Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dive #105

Location: Spetsen, Kullaberg, Sweden
Time down: 11:49 | Time up: 12:40 | Divetime: 51 min | Max depth: 23.2 meter | Average depth: 16.4 meter
Water temp: 11° | O² used: 96 litre | Dil used: 120 litre | Total RB divetime: 38h 43min

New divesite for me, it is on the tip of the peninsula of Kullaberg. So, you need to be careful, not missing the return point, otherwise you swim past it and then it is out in the open water, with Denmark as next stop ;) Really bad visibility at depth. Non the less, we returned after half tank of the two OC divers that I did the dive together with.  Unfortunately, we missed the return, and then one of the OC divers was low on air, so we decided to end the dive. I took my SMB and deployed it, but it didnt head for the surface, it headed almost horizontal in the water column. Thats when I realized that we had completely missed the tip. We where out in the straight of Öresund. As you can see on the picture above, it was quite a lot of current. So, we spent a good 20 minutes to get back, at the surface.