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Dive #104

Ormestad 2012-09-16

Location: Ormestad, Gullmarn, Sweden
Time down: 17:54 | Time up: 18:37 | Divetime: 43 min | Max depth: 41.1 meter | Average depth: 17.1 meter
Water temp: 13° | O² used: 96 litre | Dil used: 270 litre | Total RB divetime: 37h 52min

Examination dive and my first real deco dive. I planned it by myself, and I also took lead on the dive. Of course diving with a 40cu, my bail out gas was the most limiting factor. So it was a fairly quick deco dive, none the less a deco dive.


Did the plan on a 30/85 GF on my OSTC. The MkVI never went into Deco, but plan the dive, dive the plan. My MkVI logged 40.0 meters exactly as the deepest point of the dive. My OSTC logged 41.1 meters. Well, the pressure sensor on the unit is located on the head, but 1.1 meters from my back to my arm? It seems like I have long arms ;) But I completed the course, so now I can do longer dives even on deeper dives. Just need to get me an 80cu. Next course up is the RB 50m Trimix with 30 minutes of deco as max.

Dive #103

Ormestad 2012-09-16

Location: Ormestad, Gullmarn, Sweden
Time down: 13:52 | Time up: 14:36 | Divetime: 44 min | Max depth: 39.8 meter | Average depth: 17.5 meter
Water temp: 13° | O² used: 90 litre | Dil used: 240 litre | Total RB divetime: 37h 09min

Third dive out of four. This was the last course dive before the examination dive. Max depth was set to 40 meters (max course depth). So, we did a quick tour down to 40 meters and then slowly back up again, with simulated deco stops. Again, did a long simulated deco stop at 6 metres for 10 minutes, before surfacing.

Dive #102

Släggö 2012-09-15

Location: Släggö, Lysekil, Sweden
Time down: 16:57 | Time up: 17:19 | Divetime: 82 min | Max depth: 29.9 meter | Average depth: 14.6 meter
Water temp: 15° | O² used: 144 litre | Dil used: 225 litre | Total RB divetime: 36h 25min

Second dive of the dive. Max depth for this dive was 30 meters, so more or less nailed that one. More skills to show my instructor, rescue of diver from the seabed (well, he was more tumbling down the slope ;)). But all in all, a nice dive. A 10 minute simulated deco stop on OC was done. Forgot to switch my backup computer to bailout. Since it is a course dive, I dived with a prepacked scrubber. calculations after day 1: 177 min of diving (remember, 180 min is the limit). I used up 312 litre of O2, which turns into 280 litres of produced CO2 by my body. Capacity of scrubber = 390 litres of CO2. So theoretically, it still have a capacity of 110 litres of CO2. So transform that into minutes, we end up with about 50 minutes of divetime. But, no need to push scrubber capacity.

Dive #101

Släggö 2012-09-15

Location: Släggö, Lysekil, Sweden
Time down: 12:10 | Time up: 13:35 | Divetime: 85 min | Max depth: 25.3 meter | Average depth: 14.8 meter
Water temp: 15° | O² used: 168 litre | Dil used: 330 litre | Total RB divetime: 35h 03min

One of four course dives this weekend. Different skills, like changing mask, bailout, buyoancy and buddy check. Had huge issues with deploying the SMB from 25 meters, but finally after a couple of minutes, it was deployed. But I had a descent trim and a good buoyancy control. A lot of diluent used, due to the practice of the skills.

Dive #100

Location: Ön, Limhamn, Sweden
Time down: 19:41 | Time up: 20:21 | Divetime: 42 min | Max depth: 10.8 meter | Average depth: 8.3 meter
Water temp: 14° | O² used:  litre | Dil used:  litre | Total RB divetime: 33h 38min

First Open Water dive on the RB 40m Deco course. Total disaster, top heavy and had to fight with the trim during the whole dive. Solution – move down the unit. Had some cell issues during Pre-Dive check as well. Had to exchange one of the O2 cells. Also, had a trip to the surface as well… complete noob… So my 100:th dive was not a very good one. Bailed out as a drill at the end of the dive.