Monthly Archives: May 2012

Dive #78

Location: Johannes L, Helsingborg, Sweden
Time down: 20:05 | Time up: 21:02 | Divetime: 57 min | Max depth: 8.0 meter | Average depth: 5.9 meter
Water temp: 12° | O² used: 90 litre | Dil used: 75 litre | Total RB divetime: 12h 40min

Evening dive at our local wreck, good for practising your buoyancy, as the depth is around 7-8 meters. So it is one long deco stop ;). Felt very relaxed during the dive, which can be seen on my O2 consumption, only about 1.5 lpm. As we where ascending and descending by 1-1.5 meters throughout the dive (following the ocean floor) I also used about 1.3 lpm of diluent. Setpoint was between 0.7 and 0.8 during the dive, due to the shallow depth. Some light penetration, just for the fun of it. And this was actually my first dive on Johannes L with my Rebreather. Not sure I need to do another dive here on CCR. But, good training. Picture of me was taken by my buddy, I really look like a bad ass diver ;)

Dive #77

Location: Heldarstindur, Baltic Sea, Sweden
Time down: 12:14 | Time up: 12:49 | Divetime: 35 min | Max depth: 22.0 meter | Average depth: 16.2 meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 72 litre | Dil used: 90 litre | Total RB divetime: 11h 43min

Second dive of the day, we was just down for a quick relocation of the marker buoy. Had to lift a 15 inch railway piece, that they used as weight. used 3L/min of oxygen during that heavy work. Then a quick swim around the wreck. Great weather on surface and pretty descent visibility during the dives.

Dive #76

Location: Heldarstindur, Baltic Sea, Sweden
Time down: 9:30 | Time up: 10:16 | Divetime: 46 min | Max depth: 22.0 meter | Average depth: 17.5 meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 90 litre | Dil used: 90 litre | Total RB divetime: 11h 08min

Wreck dive from the boat Stromboli, my first dive on this wreck. Icelandic Fishing vessel with an overall length pf 30 meters. Wreck lies on the side at 23 meters. A few entry points for penetration, but didn’t go inside since my buddy was not comfortable with it. Went around the ship two times, no aquatic life. Water is still to cold. But it was a pleasant dive, O2 consumption steady at 2 L/min, had some trouble getting finding MLV and breathed out excess amount of diluent in the water, rather than in the loop. Picture shows the propeller shaft with its surrounding nozzle.

Dive #75

Location: Ven, Öresund, Sweden
Time down: 11:30 | Time up: 12:22 | Divetime: 52 min | Max depth: 18.9 meter | Average depth: 13.8 meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 150 litre | Dil used: 200 litre | Total RB divetime: 10h 22min

Boat dive off the Island of Ven again, turned out to be a drift dive. Strong current and I was diving with two OC buddys. One of them got a free flow in his secondary and it wouldnt stop. I held them together while they sorted it out by the book and started an controlled ascent to the surface using the primary and secondary regulator of the supporting diver. I quickly pulled out my SMB and deployed it. It went fast and it was almost a perfect deployment. After this we continued our ascent to the surface. Boat picked up the diver, and me and the remaining OC buddy went straight down to 18 meters again. Had a good second part of the dive, where I stayed within +/- 0,25m at 18 meters for 15 minutes. Then as divetime approached 1 hour, my buddy deployed his SMB and we ascended on that, with a safety stop at 6 meters for 3 minutes. First dive with my new tech boots fitted on my dry suit. Worked really really well. When we surfaced, the sun was shining and it had turned into a real nice day.