Monthly Archives: March 2012

Dive #70

Location: Släggö, Lysekil, Sweden
Time down: 19:15 | Time up: 20:10 | Divetime: 55 min | Max depth: 19.5 meter | Average depth: ? meter
Water temp: 5° | O² used: 100 litre | Dil used: 210 litre | Total RB divetime: 6h 08min

First time diving at Släggö, Lysekil. It gets deep here, but its a gentle slope so just following it you would end up around 35 meters. Turned in to a night dive during the dive. And it was pretty dark when we surfaced after 55 minutes. A good dive, but still using far to much diluent.

Dive #69

Location: Åkersberget, Kullen, Sweden
Time down: 12:59 | Time up: 13:44 | Divetime: 45 min | Max depth: 19.5 meter | Average depth: ? meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 78 litre | Dil used: 80 litre | Total RB divetime: 5h 12min

Second dive of the day, after little more than an hour at the surface, we had moved the boat to Åkersberget on the south side of Kullaberg. Had some problem with a leaking glove, but thought i got it right and we went down to 6 metres at first, then over the edge and down to the ocean floor at 20 metres. Stayed down there for 7-8 minutes, before my buddy signalled that he had half tank, he spent roughly 1400 litres of gas, I had spent about 60 litres ;) So we slowly began our ascent to shallower water and got to see the first fish of the year, a Slätvar (Scophthalmus rhombus). Pretty big, and didn’t pay much attention to me as I placed the camera about 5 inches away. So, we ended the dive by doing a long safety stop at 6 meters for about 10 minutes. But a great dive non the less. I could of course have done longer dives, but thats the way it is, when diving with an OC buddy. I had gas for another hour in the tanks.

Dive #68

Location: Paradishamn, Kullen, Sweden
Time down: 10:57 | Time up: 11:42 | Divetime: 45 min | Max depth: 18.0 meter | Average depth: ? meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 90 litre | Dil used: 90 litre | Total RB divetime: 4h 27min

First boatdive of two today. We went out with Lasse at Kullen Dyk. A bit foggy in the morning, but conditions beneath the surface was all good. Me an my buddy, who was on OC, went down to 18 meter, but not very much to see down there, so went slowly ascended to shallower depths. Had my new camera with me, a Nikon P7000 in a Fantasea FP7000 Housing and two YS-01 flashheads from Sea&Sea. The optical TTL worked flawlessly. So we had agreed on a 45 minute dive and a 45 minute dive it was. Ended up a bit from the boat due to bad timing, I could have deployed the SMB and swim back to the boat before surfacing, but we deci


Dive #67 – Finally

Location: Ön, Malmö, Sweden
Time down: 15:09 | Time up: 16:46 | Divetime: 95 min | Max depth: 11.0 meter | Average depth: 9.1 meter
Water temp: 5° | O² used: 200 litre | Dil used: 240 litre | Total RB divetime: 3h 42min

Finally, Poseidon released their new firmware that was meant to put an end to the C1 errors that last firmware produced. So we went out to Ön in Malmö for a long dive, and a long dive it was. Although, a chilling 5 degrees in the water, we managed to stay down for 95 minutes. Yes, fingers was a bit numb at the end, but I dint feel that cold even after 1,5 hours in the water. Amazing! So we went down, had great visibility, around 10 meters. At some point it almost felt like diving in an aquarium. And I still feel strange over the fact that there are no bubbles that disturbs the silence beneath the surface. A bit of a strong current and I used more O² and diluent than anticipated. Approx 2 lpm of oxygen and due to two quick ascent to surface to check bearing (compass got frozen) and due to some bail-out drills I used 2.5 lpm of diluent. But I was very pleased with todays dive, which was my longest so far.

Building a Rebreather frame. Step 1

Been looking for a frame for my Poseidon Discovery MkVI. But I didnt find any I liked. So, I made a sketch of what it might look like. Its made out of 8mm Aluminum EN AW-5754 (Salt Water Resistant). Weight is approx 4 kg.