Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pooldive with my new configuration

Since the winter finally arrived here in Sweden and Poseidon are still having some issues with the software for the Discovery MkVI, I headed for the pool with my new configuration. I took off the Poseidon BeSea Sportwing, however comfortable it is, it is also painfully buoyant. So therefore I finally made the transition to hardcore tech by getting myself a Stainless Steel backplate and a webbing harness. I had some 20 kg of weight in total with that wing, with 10 kg on my hip and the others in form of a SS backplate and weights on the tanks. The weight on my hip was killing my back. So I purchased an Apeks WTX-4 wing. And so I went from a neutral BC (even with its 2.1 kg BP) to a really negative BC. Backplate weighs 5.6 kg, so result was more or less 5 kg negative. I kept my weights on the tanks an had 4 kg on my hip, together with the carrying handle from Customer Divers we ended up with a total weight of 17,5 kg. During the dive I felt heavy, so I could easily remove more weights. Dive lasted approx 50 minutes.