Monthly Archives: December 2011

Location: Arild, Sweden
Time down: 14:29 | Time up: 14:42 | Divetime: 13 min | Max depth: 12 meter | Average depth: 7.7 meter
Water temp: 6° | O² used: 33 litre | Dil used: 240 litre | Total RB divetime: 1h 39min

After restaring my discovery and refilling the diluent, we went for our second dive of the day. Went quickly through the rescue drill of unconscious diver and shortly after the alarm sounded again, just bailed out to my offboard bail out tank and was instructed to shoot my SMB, unfortunately I was a bit irritated over the fact that the dive would come to and end this quick and fumbled with the spool. So, I forgot to adjust my buoyancy. So, before I knew it, I was on my way to the surface. A bit to many factors to deal with…. loop, alarm, SMB, spool, OC breathing and buoyancy.

Location: Arild, Sweden
Time down: 12:56 | Time up: 13:09 | Divetime: 13 min | Max depth: 13.3 meter | Average depth: 9.1 meter
Water temp: 6° | O² used: 54 litre | Dil used: 237 litre | Total RB divetime: 1h 27min

After the big storm, the sea had finally come to a rest. But the entry point was filled with large stones that had been swept in by the sea. This was supposed to be a long dive with exercise like rescuing unconscious rebreather diver from the bottom. But 12 minutes into the dive, both me and my instructor got a new C1-alarm on our machines. This means, bail out and resurface. Not very fun to do a surface swim back.

Poseidon Discovery MkVI Mounting

Since I already had the Poseidon BeSea W50 Sport wing, I went a head and got the 11″ backplate adapter from Poseidon. The kit contains one stainless metal plate to slide into a slot in canister of the Discovery. Then two stainless steel plates that you mount the actual bolts on. These two gets over the first plate, that has been slid into the slot on the canister. After this you tighten the whole kit together with 4 screws. This way you can change both length between bolts and the ride height of the Discovery canister.

If you put the to brackets close together, the distance between the bolts are standard measurements, e.g. 11″. This can of course be adjusted if needed. After this is mounted onto the Discovery, you attach your backplate/wing as you normally would do on a twin set.

I have exchanged the standard plastic backplate to Poseidons stainless steel, to reduce some weight in the weight pockets. The counter lungs fits snuggly onto the BeSea harness and I find it very comfortable on my back. The buckles makes it easy to get into the harness. What i did, was to remove the two D-rings on the Harness, and mount one sideways (rather than down) in the top mounting holes, and the other D-ring on the backplate, for the off board bail out tank. Works really good.


Location: Dalby Quarry, Sweden
Time down: 09:30 | Time up: 10:58 | Divetime: 46 min | Max depth: 8.0 meter | Average depth: 5.9 meter
Water temp: 6° | O² used: 120 litre | Dil used: 300 litre | Total RB divetime: 1h 14min

Diving in an old abandoned and water filled quarry, takes some consideration. One mistake with your buoyancy, and you have silted up a very large area with 0 visibility. The quarry is approx 8,5 metres deep. So we stayed at 8 meters and swam around, practising buoyancy and other drills. During one of the bail out drills my buddy (or me) accidentally switched the mouthpiece to CC and thereby flooding the loop. So, that was the end of the dive for him. No way to dive with a wet scrubber. Me and the instructor went down again and continued some more drills. Starting to get the hang of both trim and buoyancy now.   

Location: Ön, Limhamn, Sweden
Time down: 10:42 | Time up: 11:10 | Divetime: 28 min | Max depth: 8.0 meter | Average depth: 5.9 meter
Water temp: 7° | O² used: 72 litre | Dil used: 228 litre | Total RB divetime: 28min

First logged Rebreather dive. Still a course dive, my third. But since it is in Open Water, it should be logged. Pretty bad weather, and the water is getting colder for every day, even if the winter haven’t arrived yet. Got 2 C1 Errors (failed oxygen Sensor validation), false ones. So we could continue the dive, until my course buddy got an C1 that wouldn’t disappear. So that ended the dive.