Monthly Archives: September 2011

Dive #47


Location: Johannes L, Helsingborg, Sweden
Time down: 19:29 | Time up: 20:14 | Divetime: 45 min | Max depth: 7.8 meter | Average depth: 5.4 meter
Water temp: 14° | Air used: 1540 litre | SAC: 22.0 litre/min | Total divetime: 29h 55min

Wreck diving at night at our local wreck. Great visibility and good temperature. Did some further penetration into the wreck, still learning and have respect of wrecks. You never know… Used my Zodiac to get to the wreck, instead of swimming out from the shore as normally done. Everybody in the team was happy for this.

Dive #46

Location: Kullen, Paradishamn, Sweden
Time down: 13:36 | Time up: 12:12 | Divetime: 50 min | Max depth: 20.3 meter | Average depth: 11.8 meter
Water temp: 17° | Air used: 2002 litre | SAC: 18.2 litre/min | Total divetime: 29h 10min

After the surface interval, Kullen Dyk sat course to Paradishamn, which is a great dive site if you have a boat. Not very easy do access from land.

Dive #45

Location: Kullen, Hästskomalen, Sweden
Time down: 11:11 | Time up: 12:12 | Divetime: 61 min | Max depth: 21.0 meter | Average depth: 10.8 meter
Water temp: 17° | Air used: 2492 litre | SAC: 19.5 litre/min | Total divetime: 28h 35min

Went out with the local diving shop, Kullen Dyk to a dive site that was new to me. We covered both wreck diving and cave diving on the same dive. Now, the wreck was mostly pieces of metal, and the cave was more like a tunnel. But, nevertheless. A great experience and a fantastic dive. The weather didn’t look promising, but it got really really nice, with blue sky and sun.