Monthly Archives: July 2011

Dive #42

Location: Helsingborg, Johannes L, Sweden
Time down: 18:49 | Time up: 19:42 | Divetime: 53 min | Max depth: 10.4 meter | Average depth: 9.5 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 2394 litre | SAC: 23.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 25h 53min

Back home after the trip to Dyk-Leif, we went out to the local wreck. Pretty rough sea, and no visibility. So, we missed the wreck and just descended down to the bottom and swam back. No fun at all, since the whole thing about diving here is the wreck. So, big disappointment that we couldn’t locate the wreck in the rough sea. I mean, look at the diving profile above and tell me how exciting that look on a 5 grade scale.

Dive #41

Location: Hamburgsund, Ärholmen, Sweden
Time down: 13:57 | Time up: 14:52 | Divetime: 55 min | Max depth: 30.5 meter | Average depth: 18.0 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 3136 litre | SAC: 20.5 litre/min | Total divetime: 25h 00min

After resting and eating lunch on the rocks, we sat our course to second dive site of the day, Ärholmen. This was a fairly deep dive, with a max depth of 30.5 metres. My 5:th time below 30 metres, even if this was just below. After a rapid descent down to 30 metres, we slowly began to ascend back to 10 metres. Then we got lost in the forest and just had a comfortable drift dive around 5 metres to end the trip to Dyk-Leif.

Dive #40

Location: Hamburgsund, Rågstuten, Sweden
Time down: 10:40 | Time up: 11:22 | Divetime: 42 min | Max depth: 27.6 meter | Average depth: 15.0 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 2954 litre | SAC: 27.9 litre/min | Total divetime: 24h 05min

Today we did two dives. First one, at Rågstuten. Fairly deep, went down to 27 metres, but not much do see down there, so we ascended back to around 15 metres. A lot of huge crabs and animal life. All in all a pleasant dive which included swimming through ravines.

Dive #39

Location: Hamburgsund, Stora knappen, Sweden
Time down: 14:55 | Time up: 15:47 | Divetime: 52 min | Max depth: 18.7 meter | Average depth: 12.4 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 2840 litre | SAC: 24.1 litre/min | Total divetime: 23h 23min

After a great thai meal on one of the island (well, one could argue if it is an island or just a cob). We went out to Stora knappen and did the second dive of the day. As well as last dive, we saw lobster, which is fun of course.

Dive #38

Location: Hamburgsund, Trollskär, Sweden
Time down: 10:38 | Time up: 11:30 | Divetime: 52 min | Max depth: 31.8 meter | Average depth: 15.0 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 3458 litre | SAC: 26.6 litre/min | Total divetime: 22h 31min

First dive of the day took place at Trollskär, which is pretty much as far out as you get in the archipelago of Bohuslän. Huge drop-off after 12 metres. Descended down to 31 metres at approx 10 metres/min. I felt relaxed throughout the dive and it was nice to get really deep again (well, deep for me that is). Had set a max dive time of 60 min, cut the dive short by 8 min and surfaced with 52 BAR. All according to textbook ;)

Dive #37

Location: Hamburgsund, Vedholmen, Sweden
Time down: 21:53 | Time up: 22:55 | Divetime: 62 min | Max depth: 22.4 meter | Average depth: 14.4 meter
Water temp: 15° | Air used: 3136 litre | SAC: 20.8 litre/min | Total divetime: 21h 39min

First time diving in the archipelago of Bohuslän. Did a weekend stay at Dyk-Leif, who is one of the more famous dive centres on the west coast. This was a night dive and it was a pleasant one. Saw some fairly big lobsters, a lot of ascidian and dead mans hand.