Monthly Archives: June 2011

Dive #36


Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden
Time down: 22:18 | Time up: 22:59 | Divetime: 45 min | Max depth: 14.5 meter | Average depth: 6.3 meter
Water temp: 16° | Air used: 1288 litre | SAC: 19.0 litre/min | Total divetime: 20h 37min

Second dive, battery in my camera was exhausted, so we decided to try a navigation dive.

Dive #35


Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden
Time down: 20:10 | Time up: 20:56 | Divetime: 46 min | Max depth: 13.6 meter | Average depth: 5.6 meter
Water temp: 16° | Air used: 1680 litre | SAC: 23.4 litre/min | Total divetime: 19h 52min

First of two afterwork dive this evening. Well, it is summer, so it wont go dark until after 22:00. Nothing much to say about the dive, did it just for the fun of it. Most exiting thing seen during this dive, was a sole. Had my camera with me and took some shots of the two other diver that where diving with me. Practice of buoyancy and frog kicks. High SAC due to concentrating on taking pictures.

Dive #34

Location: Ablahamn, Kullen, Sweden
Time down: 14:06 | Time up: 12:20 | Divetime: 48 min | Max depth: 17.6 meter | Average depth: 13.2 meter
Water temp: 12° | Air used: 1484 litre | SAC: 13.1 litre/min | Total divetime: 19h 06min

Second dive and I was aware that I only had 140 BAR left in my 2×7 litres tanks. So I discussed it with my buddy and told him that I will make the sign for turn around at 90 BAR and thereby calculating that i would have 40 BAR when reaching the Safety Stop. I really tried to take slow deep breath and concentrated really on getting a good bouancy and tried not to use to much energy. It was a very pleasant dive. Turned around at 87 BAR and just glide back with small fin kicks. Reached the Safety Stop with 38 BAR left, and four minutes later, we surfaced.  End presssure, 26 BAR or 360 litres. Very controlled, even if it is on the limit of acceptance. But I sat a new all time low record in SAC Rate, 13.1 l/min! Even if I peaked it at the beginning of the dive, when putting air into my drysuit for buoyancy and of course, to prevent suit squeeze.

Dive #33


Location: Ablahamn, Kullen, Sweden
Time down: 11:38 | Time up: 12:20 | Divetime: 41 min | Max depth: 20.3 meter | Average depth: 13.0 meter
Water temp: 12° | Air used: 1666 litre | SAC: 17.4 litre/min | Total divetime: 18h 18min

A beautiful summer day, made for diving. We used my Quicksilver 430 HD as a platform to carry the tanks to the diving location, as this is a steep staircase climb. It can be done, but since I had just inflated my boat, I figured, why not use it? So everybody was rather pleased with not carrying their tanks down and then up again. Since we planned for two dives, I had a lot of tanks in the boat. A great dive, visibility was pretty good, but since I forgot my camera in my car, no pictures was taken, sadly. We saw a big lobster and a lot of fishes during the dive. So, there was a lot of photo opportunities. 12 degrees on the surface meant little, since it was a chilling 4 degrees beneath the thermocline at 18 metres.

Dive #32

Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden
Time down: 21:15 | Time up: 22:08 | Divetime: 53 min | Max depth: 14.6 meter | Average depth: 8.9 meter
Water temp: 12° | Air used: 2198 litre | SAC: 21.9 litre/min | Total divetime: 17h 37min

Back home in Sweden again, and back in my drysuit. This was an after work dive, and a bit windy. A lot of movement on the shallower part of the dive. But fairly calm below 10 meters. Not much to see, the visibility was really crappy. We dived in two pairs and I had to stop for 10-15 seconds to fix my computer, which had tangled up in my harness. By the time it was fixed, the other two divers had disappeared and where nowhere to be found. So a quick ascent to the surface, to check the bearing back to the starting point, and the descent again. I missed the mark by a mere 20 metres, so I was pleased with my navigation back.

Dive #31

Location: MV Cominoland, Gozo, Malta
Time down: 15:42 | Time up: 16:18 | Divetime: 37 min | Max depth: 36.8 meter | Average depth: 16.0 meter
Water temp: 18° | Air used: 2250 litre | SAC: 23.5 litre/min | Total divetime: 16h 44min

After 2 hours and 16 minutes on surface, it was time for the second dive. It’s really first now, that I understand just how conservative the dive tables are. At theses depths, the tables doesn’t go to more than 15 minutes. So it is time to leave the tables and trust the computer. MV Cominoland was scuttled on the same day as MV Karawela, but eis a bit older, built in 1942. 34.6 metres long and 8 metres wide, resting on its keel, some 45 metres below surface. Would have been nice to hit 40 metres on your 40:th birthday, but there was no oppertunity to do so. Still, again, a new record for me and I didn’t feel any signs of nitrogen narcosis. Again Niall took me for a light penetration on the wreck. Really cool dive. A little to deep to stay down for a longer period. Which of course means that I need to get certified in deco diving.  This was the last of the 8 dives I did on Malta, with Divewise and I am sure that I will return to Malta again. I can really recommend Divewise, both Alan and Viv had everything under control.

Dive #30

Location: MV Carwela, Gozo, Malta
Time down: 13:17 | Time up: 13:52 | Divetime: 36 min | Max depth: 35.4 meter | Average depth: 17.9 meter
Water temp: 18° | Air used: 2385 litre | SAC: 23.9 litre/min | Total divetime: 16h 07min

Turning 40 today and this was my 30:th dive. We was suppose to dive the Inland Sea and the Blue Hole, but the sea was too rough, so we went to the other side of Gozo, where three ferry’s has been scuttled. First up was the MV Carwela, which was built in 1957 and was scuttled on Aug 12:th 2006. New deep record for me, and I felt more comfortable on my second deep dive than on my first. MV Carawela is a nice wreck, a bit deep for non-deco dives, since you get about 10-12 min of bottom time before no deco limit. Nevertheless, a great wreck and some easy penetration. Divebuddy was Niall from Ireland who was an instructor, so he watched over me and also was kind enough to take a picture of me.