Monthly Archives: April 2011

Dive #19

Location: Johannes L, Helsingborg, Sweden
Time down: 10:57 | Time up: 11:57 | Divetime: 60 min | Max depth: 7.1 meter | Average depth: 4.6 meter
Water temp: 6° | Air used: 2156 litre | SAC: 24.5 litre/min | Total divetime: 8h 54min

Well, after 3 months on dry land it was time to go beneath the surface again (finally). Location was Johannes L, which is a old cargo vessel that stranded shortly after departing from Helsingborg industrial harbour in 1979. Measuring 48,5 metres long and 7,9 metres wide, resting peacefully on the ocean floor at a mere depth of 9 metres. You can actually stand on the starboard side and the water would only reach your waist. But all in all, it is a nice wreck to dive on with some possibilities for easy and simple penetration, which suits me fine since I am a newbie at wreck diving.