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Dive #12

Location: Örja ängar, Råå, Sweden

Time down: 22:28 | Time up: 23:04 | Divetime: 36 min | Max depth: 3.7 meter | Average depth: 2.7 meter
Water temp: 6° | Air used: 826 litre | SAC: 18.1 litre/min | Total divetime: 4h 56min

After a surface interval of an hour, we went back into the water, I still had plenty of air in my 2×7 litre 300BAR tanks. Since it was really shallow dives, I still had 111 BAR, left, even after 74 minutes of diving. We saw a perch, which of course is more of a fresh water fish, but can occasionally find it’s way out to the salty straight of Öresund from the many rivers that are connected to the straight.

Dive #11

Location: Örja ängar, Råå, Sweden
Time down: 21:13 | Time up: 21:30 | Divetime: 7 min | Max depth: 3.2 meter | Average depth: 2.3 meter
Water temp: 6° | Air used: 182 litre | SAC: 21.2 litre/min | Total divetime: 4h 20min

Since my Mares puck Air decide to call a dive complete, if not recommencing the dive within 5 minutes, it logs it as a new dive. After the first dive we spent exactly 5 min on the surface, so when we decided to swim beneath rather than on the surface back, it simply logged is as a new dive. The whole seven minutes of it. So it was actually a new all time short dive record for me ;)

Dive #10

Location: Örja ängar, Råå, Sweden

Time down: 20:38 | Time up: 21:08 | Divetime: 30 min | Max depth: 3.4 meter | Average depth: 2.4 meter
Water temp: 6° | Air used: 1162 litre | SAC: 25.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 4h 13min

My first night dive, even though I am not really qualified for it, I was in good hands and the depth was of no concern. My small flash light did it’s job good, even though the output is fairly low. We saw a few smaller cods, and some plaice. Had a little leakage in my right glove and had a hard time staying down, since I also practice neutral boyancy with my drisuit, rather than my wing. And since it was so shallow, it was a bit hard, but a perfect opportunity to practice. A short float to the surface after 23 minutes, but otherwise it went ok. And it was nice, diving in pitch black, with only the torch to light up.

Dive #9

Location: Vårhallarna, Simrishamn, Sweden
Time down: 13:29 | Time up: 14:16 | Divetime: 47 min | Max depth: 6.2 meter | Average depth: 4.0 meter
Water temp: 5° | Air used: 1512 litre | SAC: 23.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 3h 44min

After the first short dive, we was back into the water, now with a pound of lead wrapped around my ankles. That made a world of difference. The sand on the bottom is quite different on this side of Scania. Much heavier and larger grains. So, for a beginner like me, I could flap my fins all I wanted without silting up. Not much to see and a fairly shallow dive but at least I got beneath the surface, and made a new acquaintance.  :)

Dive #8

Location: Vårhallarna, Simrishamn, Sweden
Time down: 13:05 | Time up: 13:15 | Divetime: 10 min | Max depth: 3.4 meter | Average depth: 2.6 meter
Water temp: 5° | Air used: 532 litre | SAC: 42.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 2h 57min

After some weeks of no diving, I was really frustrated that I didn´t knew more divers. I really wanted to try out my new drysuit from Ursuk. Said and done, I put out an request on Sweden´s largest dive community. And all of a sudden I found myself in my car, driving the 150 kilometres to Simrishamn, which lies  on the opposite side of Scania from where I live. A really nice diver, Christian Reslow, of Ystad scuba diving club Nautilus had noticed my thread and invited me for a dive. Unfortunately, since it was my first dive in my new suit, it went bad from the beginning. We struggled 10 minutes, trying to get a proper trim in the water, to no avail. Up again, go fetch the ankle weights and down again. So a 10 minute dive, which will probably by me shortest ever ;) But as my surface time was +10 min, dive is called complete by my computer.