Monthly Archives: October 2010

New drysuit

With my last dives in mind, ending up completely soaked. I tried to see if I could fix my leaking drysuit. I put some air in it and sprayed it with soapwater to see where the air leaked out of the suit. The problem was, that there was bubbles all over the suit, in almost every stitching. So, that new Red Q from Ursuit went directly to the Nr:1 position of my “Need to buy” list. After a few calls to a scuba shop I ordered a somewhat tailor made suit (I have big feet´s). I also purchased a new undersuit from Ursuit as well. Delivery is approximately 1 week. Now comes the problem with finding a buddy that wants to dive. By the looks of it, the Swedish divers has taken vacation and are awaiting the summer. I mean it’s still ice-free and you purchase a drysuit to extend the season. So where are all the divers?

MacDive – a dive software for OS X

Since I didn’t want to go through the same process as for my 45 000 images, I wanted to do it right from the beginning with logging my dives. So, since my Mares Puck Air collects all the information, why not make it easy. Said and done, I invested in an interface cable and after reviewing available software, I purchased a software called MacDive. Great dive software for OS X. It handles equipment, dive locations, buddys and all information in my Puck Air. So you get a dive profile and SAC-rate throughout the dive. You can find the software here and it costs $25, which is a bargain. for what it can do.

Dive #7

Location: Johannes L, Helsingborg, Sweden
Time down: 11:23 | Time up: 11:56 | Divetime: 33 min | Max depth: 7.4 meter | Average depth: 5.8 meter
Water temp: 10° | Air used: 1544 litre | SAC: 29.6 litre/min | Total divetime: 2h 47min

My first wreck dive. Johannes L is a perfect beginners wreck. Situated just of the coast line in the straight of Öresund. You can easily swim out to it from the shore. But why not make use my zodiac. With four divers in the zodiac plus all equipment it went really deep in the water and at slow speed. So I wont suggest taking my zodiac again for a dive like this. I had made some tries to seal my leaking drysuit, so now it was time to see if it was a success or a failure. The ship went down in 1979 after running a shore and tipped over. Depth is some 6-8 metres and you can accually stand on the side of the ship, with the water reaching your chest. The wreck is completely covered with sea clamps. A lot of photo opportunities, but I have no camera. A housing to my Nikon D3 cost more than a few bucks. So I think I will go compact instead. By the way, I was soaked when returning to the surface after 33 minutes. I think it is easier to buy a completely new drysuit instead of trying to repair this old one. I blame my high SAC-rate on the fact that I was freezing and dived with a soaked undersuit ;).

Dive #6

Location: Tussan, Arild, Sweden

Time down: 10:34 | Time up: 11:20 | Divetime: 46 min | Max depth: 13.5 meter | Average depth: 8.6 meter
Water temp: 12° | Air used: 2128 litre | SAC: 24.3 litre/min | Total divetime: 2h 14min

Last certification dive. Now I needed to show that I had it under control. Had to dive with a wetsuit, since I found out that my drysuit was leaking on the last dive. Not that big of an issue, since the water was 12° C. A little bit windy today, which made it hard to get into the water, due to the slippery stones on the shore. A very nice dive with a lot of crab fish and other small fishes. Tried my first SMB launch which, after a couple of tries came up to the surface, fully inflated. 46 minutes with a wetsuit in 12C water did make my feet loose their colour, but now I am a certified CMAS* diver, so the colour of my feet really didn’t matter that much.