Monthly Archives: September 2010

Dive #5

Location: Paradishamn, Kullaberg, Sweden

Time down: 15:49 | Time up: 16:16 | Divetime: 27 min | Max depth: 11.8 meter | Average depth: 4.2 meter
Water temp: 14° | Air used: 966 litre | SAC: 23.8 litre/min | Total divetime: 1h 28min

After some calculations for nitrogen group in the Dive table and establishing a max dive time for the second dive of the day, which was going to be my first drysuite dive, we geared up and went into the water. I found it fairly easy to control my buoyancy with the drysuit, instead of my wing. Time went quickly and with 27 minutes on the clock we reached the surface. I had 27 BAR left in my tank which might be a little bit low, but under control taking the depth and the fact that my CMAS*** instructor was right there, watching me.

Dive #4

Location: Waterwheel, Kullaberg, Sweden
Time down: 11:45 | Time up: 12:23 | Divetime: 38 min | Max depth: 17.7 meter | Average depth: 10.6 meter
Water temp: 13° | Air used: 2086 litre | SAC: 27.4 litre/min | Total divetime: 1h 01

Finally, after three weeks of absent from the water we had the right conditions and both me and my instructor was fit for diving. Today was a boat dive and descent on line was on the schedule. Also time for my first deeper dive (well, at least for me). After descending on the anchor line, we reached the bottom and my new Mares Puck Air computer indicated a depth of 17.7 metres. Levelling out was easy and although my mask leaked, almost the whole time, it was a awesome feeling to find yourself looking up, with almost 20 metres to the surface. My instructor poked me and showed me a big lobster, that tried to hide in one of the many cracks. It was a good moment to try out my new dive light, nothing fancy but it did what it supposed to do. We started our ascent slowly, and stopped at 5 metres to do a safety stop for three minutes. The first two minutes went by without any problems when all of a sudden I found myself at four metres and floating up. Thankfully I was connected with a buddy line to my instructor. I quickly emptied my wing and returned back to six metres. After this little “incident” we approached dive limit time and slowly ascended to the surface. Now it was time for some rest and nitrogen exhalation, before the second dive.

Autumn is here

Sigh… Cancelled dives and more waiting. It’s been two weeks since my last dive. We planned to dive on the Sep 13:th, but we was a diver short. Then we reschedule to this weekend, but my instructor have a cold, which for obvious reason made sure that we wasn’t going to dive. The autumn is more and more imminent and the thoughts of jumping into the dry-suit becomes more and more interesting. But on the bright side, more time for the theoretical lessons. Out of the blue, I ordered a twinset 2×7 litres, 300BAR. I also invested in a real dive computer. I wanted an easy one, and I decided to go with the Puck Air from Mares. Quite expensive here in Sweden, so I grabbed one from ebay Germany for almost half the price.

Dive #3

Location: Ransvik, Kullaberg, Sweden

Time down: 18:26 | Time up: 18:49 | Divetime: 23 min | Max depth: 12.2 meter | Average depth: 6.6 meter
Water temp: 15.4° | Air used: 1000 litre | SAC: 26.2 litre/min | Total divetime: 23 min

The beautiful weather continues. Nice evenings, just perfect for scuba diving. Primary location was a bit too windy, therefore we chose the other side of the peninsula of Kullaberg. Somewhat troublesome to carry 40 kg of equipment down the stairs at the dive site at Ransvik. Rescue of unconscious diver from bottom was on today’s schedule. Both as a free diver and with complete scuba gear. Passed the exercise with flying colours. Just two more dives until I get my CMAS* certification. First dive below 10 metres, which did not feel any different than other dives. But it was my first logged dive.