Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dive #2

Location: Björkhagen, Skälderviken, Sweden

Time down: 17:41 | Time up: 18:07 | Divetime: 26 min | Max depth: 4.6 meter | Average depth: 3.5 meter
Water temp: 16.4° | Air used: 780 litre | SAC: 25,9 litre/min | Total divetime: -

After a short debriefing on surface, we continued with the second dive. More exercises, emptying mask, swimming without mask, buddy breathing and octopus breathing. We ended up in the middle of  a big gang of jellyfishes, the kind that stings. So we had to surface and swim back instead of diving back. Four more lessons and then my certification course is completed.

Dive #1

Location: Björkhagen, Skälderviken, Sweden

Time down: 17:16 | Time up: 17:30 | Divetime: 14 min | Max depth: 4.2 meter | Average depth: 3.1 meter
Water temp: 16.5° | Air used: 420 litre | SAC: 26,7 litre/min | Total divetime: -
First open water dive after my pool exercise. Time in water is not counted yet. But, I really enjoyed my first open water dive. More practice and exercise. Very nice dive, sunshine and not a lot of wind.