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Rebreather Upgrade – G-Box

The wait has been long, but the result met my expectation. Finally a decent stand for my breather. I am all set for the 60m upgrade, and even the 100m version when that arrives. The G-Box, which is originally developed by Graham Broady, for the AP rebreathers also happens to fit the Poseidon MkVI without any alteration. Not that it is needed, since the MkVI is made out of aluminium. But to be able to invert the tanks and to be able to set it down properly on the ground, it is a perfect match. Also, since the added lengt, the stand is taking away some of the weight on your back, since the whole unit is now resting on shoulders and butt, rather than the lower back.

New Drysuit

After having dived for a full week in Egypt, partially with my dry suit and then after the zipper started to leak, wetsuit, I decided to get a new suit. My old suit is worn down (or at least that is what I am telling my self to justify purchasing a new suit ;). So I am going for the new Waterproof D7 pro ISS. It is ready for the Antares oval ring system and it has silicone seals instead of latex. It has a nice set of features and it looks really cool (which is really important for divers ;)). Seals are replaceable on site with a QR mounting system. This goes for the neck seal as well.

It also has a separate hood, and since the oval ring system is so streamlined, I dont need to configure the suit for warm water diving. Yes, you might think i am a sissy diving in a dry suit in warm waters. But, as I discovered, the wet suit divers was actually freezing and shaking after each dive. And it is really comfortable to be dry after a dive, even in the Red Sea. So, hopefully my new suit will arrive here by next week, then I am all set for the cold waters of Sweden.

Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 2N

Well, since I will be going into Deco and Trimix I needed a backup OC/CC Computer and this one is small and very capable. It is a stand alone computer, so no tracking of the pO2 on your Rebreather. Also, since Poseidons log software is no way near as good as I want it, I found that the OSTC 2N is compatible with MacDive. So I can keep logging my dives in that excellent software. Fairly priced and fully user adjustable. You can even set the colours on the OLED screen.

Building a Rebreather frame. Step 1

Been looking for a frame for my Poseidon Discovery MkVI. But I didnt find any I liked. So, I made a sketch of what it might look like. Its made out of 8mm Aluminum EN AW-5754 (Salt Water Resistant). Weight is approx 4 kg.


Poseidon Discovery MkVI Mounting

Since I already had the Poseidon BeSea W50 Sport wing, I went a head and got the 11″ backplate adapter from Poseidon. The kit contains one stainless metal plate to slide into a slot in canister of the Discovery. Then two stainless steel plates that you mount the actual bolts on. These two gets over the first plate, that has been slid into the slot on the canister. After this you tighten the whole kit together with 4 screws. This way you can change both length between bolts and the ride height of the Discovery canister.

If you put the to brackets close together, the distance between the bolts are standard measurements, e.g. 11″. This can of course be adjusted if needed. After this is mounted onto the Discovery, you attach your backplate/wing as you normally would do on a twin set.

I have exchanged the standard plastic backplate to Poseidons stainless steel, to reduce some weight in the weight pockets. The counter lungs fits snuggly onto the BeSea harness and I find it very comfortable on my back. The buckles makes it easy to get into the harness. What i did, was to remove the two D-rings on the Harness, and mount one sideways (rather than down) in the top mounting holes, and the other D-ring on the backplate, for the off board bail out tank. Works really good.


Next step – Rebreather


Well, I have thought about it for some time. But when we where at Gullmarsfjorden in Sweden, there was this rebreather-diver in the group and even though he dived technical, it all seemed cool and on the last dive of the weekend I paired up with him on a dive down to 40M. Since I was on Open Circuit, and on Air, and on a no stop limit, I was the one forcing us up from 40M after a mere 8 minutes. Then we had a ascend to about 20M before my Mares icon HD told me that I had enough time to deco, to make a stop for a few minutes. Again being forced to a shallower depth by the no stop limit after approx 5 minutes. At 15M we had a nice swim back to entry point for about 16 minutes, followed by a 3 min safety stop at 5M before surfacing after 43 minutes. During the dive I used up 2900 liters of air.  That is 208 BAR out of my starting pressure of 276. So, yes, I might had been able to squeeze out a couple of more minutes.

But when I calculated the dive with iDeco (dive planner) for a rebreather dive (CCR) I was a bit surprised. 15 Min @ 40M, 20 Min @ 30M followed by 60 Min @ 20M without Deco. So twice the bottom time, more time on 30M than I had on 15M on OC, followed by a whole 60 minutes on 20M. 95 minutes dive time, and only using roughly 96 liters of gas. This got me really interested in rebreathers. The ability to have much longer no stop limits. Of course, one could argue that you would have the same if you dived on Nitrox. Yes, if you had like five different mixes and a lot of tanks. I calculated the above dive on OC, result? 9600 liters of gas….
So I looked into the different rebreathers on the market, and since I am a recreational diver, I quickly dismissed the more technical ones. After looking at both the rEVO, the Inspiration Vision and Poseidon Discovery, I felt that the most advantages for me belonged to the Poseidon Discovery. It is a very light machine, and very simply to set-up and the Pre-Dive tests are mainly controlled by the on-board computer. There is of course a downside to things being controlled by a computer, but I have faith in that it will not send me diving unless it is completely sure. Make no mistake, diving a rebreather will require more of you, otherwise you might end up in the statistics. So I am starting my PADI Rebreather Diver and PADI Advanced Rebreather Diver in a couple of weeks.

Diving – an equipment sport

So, here I go again. Dropped my knife on my last dive (more like kicked it out of its holder without noticing it), and also my dry suit gloves leaks through the actual glove, due to a stupid mistake from my side (well, if you must know, I moved a barbecue grill on last dive with my gloves on). So, new knife and new gloves on order. I am travelling to Malta soon and that is a good reason (as any) to invest in some new equipment. So I purchased a Mares 6mm Second Skin wetsuit from Simply Scuba in UK. It felt like a nice suit and after trying it on (land), size 5 was spot on. Lets see how it performs submerged. It’s sort af a semi-dry (yeah, right… you are partially dry?). Well, it has some seals on both wrists and ankles, and the zipper is supposedly as dry as it get on a wet suit…

Purchased A New Wing

Yes, well… There was this sale and guess what, they had exactly what I wanted (rather than what I needed). I just couldn’t resist the temptation. Price was reduced by 35% and it was a done deal. It will allow mounting of both a twin set (bolted) or a single tank with the straps that came with the wing. Its a harness with a detachable bladder, so I can buy a bigger one if I want to use twin 12L cylinders. I also purchased the weight pockets, which turned out to bee a good investment. I got a great trim on the first dive with it (well, at least I thought so). So, I will bring this to my upcoming trip to Malta in a few weeks time. I am going to take the PADI Advanced Open Water Certificate on Malta, even though I started out as a CMAS diver.

New drysuit

With my last dives in mind, ending up completely soaked. I tried to see if I could fix my leaking drysuit. I put some air in it and sprayed it with soapwater to see where the air leaked out of the suit. The problem was, that there was bubbles all over the suit, in almost every stitching. So, that new Red Q from Ursuit went directly to the Nr:1 position of my “Need to buy” list. After a few calls to a scuba shop I ordered a somewhat tailor made suit (I have big feet´s). I also purchased a new undersuit from Ursuit as well. Delivery is approximately 1 week. Now comes the problem with finding a buddy that wants to dive. By the looks of it, the Swedish divers has taken vacation and are awaiting the summer. I mean it’s still ice-free and you purchase a drysuit to extend the season. So where are all the divers?

MacDive – a dive software for OS X

Since I didn’t want to go through the same process as for my 45 000 images, I wanted to do it right from the beginning with logging my dives. So, since my Mares Puck Air collects all the information, why not make it easy. Said and done, I invested in an interface cable and after reviewing available software, I purchased a software called MacDive. Great dive software for OS X. It handles equipment, dive locations, buddys and all information in my Puck Air. So you get a dive profile and SAC-rate throughout the dive. You can find the software here and it costs $25, which is a bargain. for what it can do.